Logging Railroad Photographs

The Bill Gove Collection

Bill Gove was a retired forester who wrote four books on New Hampshire's logging railroads. Two of the books deal with logging railroads in the Lincoln and Wooodstock, New Hampshire region. His first book, titled "J.E. Henry's Logging Railroads," covered the Zealand Valley Railroad and the East Branch and Lincoln Railroad. 

His third book, "Logging Railroads Along the Pemigewasset River" was published in 2006 and covers the other logging railroads in the region.

Each of the books is heavily illustrated, with maps and vintage photographs. Bill donated the photographs he used for these books to the Upper Pemigewasset Historical Society. 

There are surprisingly few photos of J.E. Henry's operations in Zealand or the Zealand Valley Railroad.

J.E. Henry's Logging Railroads: The History of the East Branch & Lincoln and Zealand Valley Railroads

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